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Facebook usage has become an integral part of our life and all businesses have a Facebook page. This makes Facebook an incredible place to find new customers. If you’re still not convinced, we’d like to offer your 5 important benefits of using Facebook advertising.

1. Target the right customers

Facebook advertising enables you to target your ads at the right people to achieve best results. This is an advantage Facebook advertising has over traditional advertising methods. You can choose from numerous parameters to pick the right audience to showcase your ads.

2. Fast and Real-Time

With Facebook advertising, you don’t have to wait for days or sometimes, months, as is the case with traditional advertising. When you hire a professional like Social Hi5, you Facebook ads will be approved within a few hours of its creation, driving more business to you almost immediately. Facebook ads can also be monitored in Real-Time, making it easy for you to adjust your ads and optimize it to achieve better results.

3. Variety of Call-To-Action

With Facebook advertising, you can get new leads through various options. From WhatsApp messaging and getting people to website to collecting potential customer information, you can choose the right method that will deliver better ROI for your business.

4. Cost-Effective

Facebook advertising, compared to traditional advertising, is highly cost-effective. The best part is that you have total control over how much you spend. When you hire a professional Facebook Advertising Agency like Social Hi5, you can relax and let us work wonders for you.

5. Your competition is using it

As we already mentioned, every business is aggressively using Facebook advertising to get new customers. If you don’t want to be left behind, then you should contact Social Hi5 right away. We will help you to stay ahead of competition and get new customers quicker.

Over the years, Social Hi5 has cut itself out a place in a niche market of digital marketing for Dentists. Running Facebook ads for dentists and dental practices has been our specialty. We understand how dental practices communicate with their patients, thus enabling our messaging to be effective and accurate. Let Facebook advertising for dentists be handled by professionals and you can get more than just new leads.

At Social Hi5, we could also manage your social media presence with a highly experienced team of Facebook advertising company professionals. We ensure more leads turn into customers, while providing them with the best online experience possible.

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